How to install Google Coder on Archlinux ARM – Raspberry Pi

Hey everyone 😉

Today I’ll explain you how to install Coder on Archlinux ARM running on a Raspberry Pi.

First of all you need to install nodejs, it’s in the official repositories…to simply run:

pacman -S nodejs

as root and you are ready to go.

Then go to your /home directory and run: (make sure git is installed!) and:

git clone git://
cd coder/coder-base
npm install

If you prefer to run Coder on a different port than 80/443 (for example if you are running a web server on your Pi) you can edit coder/coder-base/config.js this way:

exports.listenIP = null; //Defaults to *
exports.listenPort = ‘9181’; //the SSL port things run on
exports.httpListenPort = ‘9180’; //this will all be redirected to SSL
exports.cacheApps = true;
exports.httpVisiblePort = ‘9080’; //forwarded http port the user sees
exports.httpsVisiblePort = ‘9443’; //forwarded https port the user sees

Now there is a little problem… basically Coder assumes that an account named “pi” exists and it tries to set a password related to that account..

Simply go to coder/coder-base/sudo_scripts and edit setpipass, remove the “/usr/bin/passwd pi” line and save the file.

 Then run as root:

cd coder/coder-base
npm start

Now open your browser on your computer and visit: https://RASPIPADDRESS:9181/
You are ready to set your Coder password and start coding!


If you want to make Coder to run at system startup since Archlinux has implemented systemd you can create a new unit like the one below and then enable it:

Description=Google Coder

ExecStart=/bin/npm start


How to install Pantheon on Archlinux

Hi everyone 😉

Pantheon is the Elementary OS Luna 0.2 DE…how can we install it on our favourite distro, ArchLinux?

WARNING: There is a wiki page here:

If you get this error:

IndicatorFileModel.vala:68: Unable to read indicators: No such file or directory

Trace/breakpoint trap

It’s just because you don’t have any indicator installed on your system.
The best way to install indicators is to add the following repo:
and then install an indicator such as indicator-datetime