Raspberry-Arduino Weather LCD

Hi There! This is my new project powered by Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Basically It’s a weather monitor based on Yahoo! APIs, the Raspberry Pi downloads today weather and the forecast for tomorrow from Yahoo!, this is nicely done through a python script.

Then, using the USB Serial Interface the weather data are sent to the Arduino, which displays them on an LCD Screen. Everthing is automatically updated every hour.

Furthermore, using a NPN Transistor, by pressing a button connected to the Arduino you can easily turn off the LCD Backlight and clear the LCD text.

What do you need:

– Arduino.

– Raspberry Pi.

– 16×2 LCD module compatible with the Hitachi HD44780 LCD controller.

– 1 Resistor 220 Ohm for the Button

– 1 Resistor 1.6K for the NPN Transistor

– 1 Resistor 560 Ohm for LCD Backlight (We don’t want to burn out the light)

– 1 NPN Transistor

– 1 PushButton

– 1 POT

– Jumper Wires


You need two scripts to make this work, one should run on the Arduino and another one on the Raspberry Pi. (Make sure python2 is installed and working!)

Download: (Arduino and Raspberry Pi) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxilBDgh54MjRExKY3dnUDZtNHM&authuser=0

Now you have to configure the Python script to download weather forecasts for your City, replace YOURCITYCODE with your City Code. (If you don’t know it, you can find it here: https://weather.yahoo.com/, it’s that number is the page URL)


Connect everything to the Arduino as shown below and then connect the Arduino USB Cable to your Raspberry Pi.

Run the python script on your Pi… (python2 weather_adv.py)

You are ready to go!

P.S. You can also add the script to screen to free up your terminal 😉