USB Password Keychain (ATtiny85 based)

This is my new electronics project, it’s called USB Password Keychain.

It consists of a USB device which is recognized by your PC as a keyboard, through some software I wrote you are able to upload into the EEPROM memory of the chip up to 4 password and with the simple press of a button they are automatically typed in.s

It works the same way as the key of your house, you insert it in your computer and you have access to all your accounts; you don’t have to remember long passwords or use short ones and expose your account to brute forse attacks.

Is it secure? The answer is yes, as long as you don’t lose it somewhere. (Just like your keys). Only the password is stored and not the user ID. (making it more difficult to compromise the account itself)

Down below some specifics are listed:

  • Based on the ATtiny85
  • Pretty small (only 2.2x4cm)
  • Up to 120 digits per password
  • Open Source software

IMAG0620 IMAG0619 IMAG0618 IMAG0903IMAG0905IMAG0908IMAG0909Code: